Sunday, November 19, 2006

Half Way To the Med

The winds were perfect today, allowing us to cruise along at a steady eight to ten knots. After making a small touch-up last night, our sail repair is holding up nicely. We flew the spinnaker for most of the morning until the wind picked up to around 15 knots. We are slightly behind our intended schedule, but with the forecasts looking favorable over the next few days we should make up a lot of time.

We approached the half-way point of our 3000-mile voyage from Boston to the Strait of Gibraltar today! If we continue to average eight knots we should arrive in little over a week. A low-pressure system is coming down the coast of Ireland from the north, however, and we are expecting some rough weather (40+ knot winds and 20-feet seas) as we approach the Med. We have our storm jib prepared and tri-sail ready if we need them. The more distance, however, we travel over the next few days, the more likely we will be able to miss the storm. The race is on!

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