Saturday, December 09, 2006

End of the Line

The Rock of Gibraltar gazing upon the Gryphon at rest in port.

More pictures will be up later tonight.


The rest of the pictures from Shane along with his captions follow. Click on them to enlarge.

A little visitor that joined our sail to Gibraltar

The Gryphon at port in Gibraltar.

Surfing down a wave during the storm

Smiling at the storm.  Is this the best you can do?

On dry land in Gibraltar

The around-the-world bio-diesel boat that we saw in Boston Harbor

Walid at the helm as we filled our fuel tank and jerry cans in Boston

Villages scattered around the mountains of Madeira

A curious seal peered up at us in Boston Harbor

Getting some very much needed rest inside

Saying goodbye to Boston

Fishing boats in the harbor at El Jadid

The port of Funchal in Madeira

Guided to port in El Jadida by the local fishermen

A little village in the backwaters of Morocco

The Berber antique shop in Marrakech

The market in Marrakech

Some things just don't need a translation

Snake charmers in Marrakech

Our off-roading beast of a Ford

Which way to Marrakech?

Camels on the beach in El Jadida

The Portuguese fortress guarding the port in El Jadida

A view from our hotel roof in Marrakech

Night at sea

The Gryphon at port in El Jadida

First sightings of El Jadida

Approaching Madeira after 18 days at sea

Cheers to Madeira!

The lighthouse guarding the eastern edge of Madeira

Our patched mainsail

Arriving in Madeira


Blogger Shane's mom Judy said...

Thanks for the pictures, Craig. They are great! I can't wait for the DVD. Will it be the same price as at Blockbuster? I hope you have it done when Shane's back in Kansas for Christmas.

Sunday, December 10, 2006 10:36:00 PM  

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